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Decorative Landscaping

Large Assortment of Landscaping Materials

Portable Concrete

High Quality, Portable, And Affordable

Sandee’s Delivery

We Can Deliver to Your Home or Business

Landscaping Materials

We offer a large assortment of decorative landscaping materials that will beautify and enrich your landscaping needs.

Sandee’s Soil and Rock is a family-owned business and have been providing the most inviting, non-intimidating environment of customer service for many years.

Please pull into our yard and we will get you the materials you need.

person facing away from camera wearing a Sandees sweatshirt with Get Rocked slogan on back

Sandee’s Concrete Carts

Our portable concrete carts will help you save in time and money, with a professional high quality finish.

Sandee’s “GET ROCKED” Team

We pride ourselves on our clean environment, considerate, friendly, fun and respectful customer service. Aim to provide the most cost efficient and largest selection of materials to beautify and simplify your yard care/work experience. We hope to help you build and beautify just “one yard” at a time.

piles of rock and mulch in parking lot

About Us

Sandees Soil & Rock was first established in 2001 in hopes of providing a quick and convenient service to meet the needs of the everyday “home owner” that just needed “a little bit” of topsoil or gravel etc.. It started very small with 6 products and a dump truck that could deliver the materials as another option if needed. We have now expanded with over 35 plus products, including the “you-haul your own concrete.” that is made on site for you to pick up.

Customer Reviews