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High Quality Concrete

We provide high quality concrete through our calibrated concrete plant that mixes just the right amount of powder, sand, gravel, and water. Our tow-able self mixing trailers are convenient and easy to operate

line of concrete trucks in parking lot

Towable Concrete Carts

Our tow-able concrete carts mix and dump saving you work pouring your concrete. We have two sizes of carts. Our smaller carts can hold between .25 yards and 1.25 yards. Our larger carts can hold between 1.5 yards and 2 yards.

Requirements for Concrete Cart Rental

  • Full Size 1/2 ton or larger truck.
  • 2″ ball receiver hitch for small trailers only. (A bumper pull is unacceptable.)
  • Pintle hook hitch is required for use of larger trailers (3/4 Ton – 1 Ton Trucks Only)
  • Current drivers license.
  • Current insurance card.
  • Master card or Visa card to hold cart.
  • 2 hours minimum trailer rental.
  • See concrete-cart towing capacities.

Cleaning and Returning Instructions and Fees

Concrete trailer must be returned clean. Rinse several times. Leave 15 gallons of water in trailer. Needs to be clean, clear water when returning trailer. There will be a $75 cleaning fee if it’s not clean and clear water. Cart needs to rotate while driving so as not to ruin the casters. The customer is responsible to pay for replacement of casters if cart does not continually rotate. Maximum 2 hours allowed for concrete trailer rentals. If exceeded, there will be a $25 late charge for the first half-hour and an additional $25 charge for every 15 minute increment thereafter.

Concrete Carts must be cleaned upon returning!! If concrete mix has dried and compacted return ASAP, You-The Customer will be Repsonsible to pay for a substantial cleaning fee, Damage Fees, Rental Equipment and additional Wages to Clean & Repair Concrete Trailer to original working condition. Including any loss of business due to cart away cart inavailabiltiy. Again Please Return our Concrete Carts Clean for our Next Customer Use! Thank You!

We want this to be a good experience for all, so please clean accordingly!

concrete price list

*All prices are subject to change.
*All materials are dirty due to crushing, moisture and trucking procedures

black and white line illustration of concrete cart

Truck SizeMax Yards
Truck Size:1/2 TonMax Yards:1.25 yards
Truck Size:3/4 TonMax Yards:1.75 yards
Truck Size:1 TonMax Yards:2 yards

We Can Deliver to Your Home or Business