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Sandee’s Soil & Rock Offers Zeroscaping Landscaping

Have you considered zeroscaping for your home or business in Ogden, UT? Many home and business owners haven’t heard of zeroscaping, but it could be the landscaping answer you’ve been looking for. The landscaping philosophy of zeroscaping puts an emphasis on reducing water usage to create a natural and beautiful landscape. Your landscape will have a simple and elegant look, using gravel, garden rocks, or sculptural features. Sandee’s Soil & Rock specializes in zeroscaping for residential and commercial properties. We invite you to learn more about zeroscaping benefits. Contact us to get started.

Brick House With Beautiful Landscaping Wrapped Around Front

Zeroscaping vs. Xeriscaping

The words zeroscaping and xeriscaping may sound similar, but what is zeroscaping, and how does it relate to xeriscaping? The concept of xeriscaping focuses on creating a beautiful landscape in dry or harsh climates. Water management and the reduction of water usage are also crucial in both zeroscaping and xeriscaping. Both zeroscaping and xeriscaping help preserve water in locations that are prone to droughts. Zeroscaping requires minimal effort and time but still allows you to enjoy some landscaping benefits.

The Benefits of Zeroscaping

With Utah facing record droughts, doing your part to reduce water usage can go a long way. If you’re looking for a way to save money and enjoy the benefits of a beautiful lawn with minimal maintenance, you will do well to consider zeroscaping. Learn more about the benefits zeroscaping can offer you:

  • Saving Water – You might be surprised to learn that more than half of residential water usage is used for lawns and landscaping. Zeroscaping can reduce your landscape water usage by 50 to 75%.
  • Low Maintenance – A lush lawn can be beautiful but requires a lot of upkeep. With zeroscaping, you won’t need to cut the grass or keep it alive. Your lawn may only require the occasional pruning or weeding.
  • Lower Costs – Your home or business can save a lot of money by cutting down on water usage and maintenance. Zeroscaping is an excellent option for communities or homeowner’s associations on a budget.
  • Adding Beauty – No one wants dead grass or plants struggling to survive in their lawns. Keep your lawn or garden looking great all year long.
  • Reducing Pollution & Fertilizer Usage – Eliminating the need for sod means helping the environment by not needing gas-powered motors. You also won’t need to use chemical supplements to help your plants grow and stay healthy. Organic soil can be used to maintain a healthy zeroscape landscape.

Avoid Using a Sprinkler System

Another benefit of zeroscaping at your home or business is avoiding the need for a sprinkler system. These systems can be expensive to install and maintain, and you’ll also save money on not needing to water your native plants very often. The expert zeroscapers at Sandee’s Soil & Rock can also help you with how to concrete garden zeroscaping, what to do with a small front yard for zeroscaping, zeroscaping rock, and more.

Let Us Help You With You Zeroscaping Materials

Our team of experienced landscapers is ready to help you get started with zeroscaping. We offer decorative rock, topsoil, bark, sand, gravel, concrete, and more. With 20 years of experience in Utah landscaping, our team would love to help you experience the benefits of zeroscaping. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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