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Get Your High-Quality Bark at Sandee’s Soil & Rock

When you’re looking for comprehensive bark mulch options in the Ogden, UT area, come check out the extensive offerings here at Sandee’s Soil & Rock. For nearly two decades, we have been providing locals with beautiful and cost-effective bark to liven up their landscaping. By offering so many options under one roof, we strive to simplify the yard care experience for our customers. Our goal is to set our neighbors up with the high-quality landscaping materials needed to help build and beautify our community one yard at a time!

Soil Pep by Sandee’s Soil & Rock in Ogden, UT.

Soil Pep

• Finely shredded natural bark

• Color: deep rich brown

• Size: largest pieces are approximately ½ inch

• Uses: works well as a top layer in flowerbeds to provide a fresh clean looking soil, also can be mixed in to loosen clay based soils and add nutrients to soil

$70/cubic yard

Sandee’s Soil & Rock Shredded Bark in Ogden, UT.

Shredded Bark

• All natural western cedar bark

• Color: brown

• Size: 3″ minus, with fines

• Use: decorative landscaping, works well in flowerbeds and around plants

• One advantage of using bark is that it holds in moisture for plants and provides nutrients as it decomposes

• Not as permanent as rock, will need to be refreshed every 2 to 3 years

$70/cubic yard

The playground chip mulch at Sandee's Soil & Rock in Ogden, UT.

Playground Chip

• Certified sliver-less woodchip

• Color: tan (natural wood)

• Size: shredded in strips 1” to 3” long

• Use: alternative to sand in play areas, placed in pathways

• Softer than sand on impact

$65/cubic yard

Pile of Medium Bark in Ogden, UT, by Sandee's Soil & Rock.

Medium Bark

• All natural western cedar bark

• Color: brown

• Size: Chunks 2”-3 ½”

• Use: decorative landscaping, works well in flowerbeds and around plants

• One advantage of using bark is it holds in moisture for plants and provides nutrients as it decomposes

• Not as permanent as rock, will need to be refreshed every 2 to 3 years

$70/cubic yard

Pile of Chocolate Mulch in Ogden, UT, by Sandee's Soil & Rock.

Chocolate Mulch

• Stained colored wood chip

• Color: Dark Brown Hues

• Size: 3″ minus, with fines

• Use: decorative landscaping

• Works similar to the bark to hold in moisture around plants

• It contrasts homes and green plants well

$60/cubic yard

Pile of Nutri Mulch in Ogden, UT, by Sandee's Soil & Rock.


• Organic Materials Mixture

• Color: Light brown

• Uses: powerful nutrient intended to improve soil quality for planting, good for breaking up clay based soils, works well in gardens, flowerbeds, and under newly planted sod or grass

• Should be mixed into topsoil or existing dirt

$70/cubic yard

*Includes includes rocks of the listed size and smaller due to screening.

*All materials are dirty due to crushing, moisture and trucking procedures

Pile Of Shredded Bark in Ogden, UT

What is Bark?

Here at Sandee’s Soil & Rock, we utilize high-grade bark mulch to enhance your flowerbeds, walkways, trees, shrubs, and various other aspects of your properties landscape. Our bark mulch is made from tree bark that we shred into fine, medium, and large pieces to dress the top of your yard with a pop of texture and added color. Bark decomposes reasonably slowly, making it an excellent option for sprucing up the scenery of your yard each year.

How Can Bark Improve My Landscape?

Our bark mulch can be spread over the surface of your properties soil to enhance the overall health and look of your landscaping. Out of all the mulch types, bark mulch is the most beneficial. Keep reading to find the many reasons why investing in bark mulch for your property is a great yard-care choice:

  • Add to your soil’s fertility – Bark mulch is an organic material that will slowly but surely break down over time. Once the bark has decomposed, it will turn to humus (the organic component of soil), which improves the fertility, texture, and structure of the soil.
  • Discourage weed growth – Bark mulch works to suppress weed growth by depriving them of light. Additionally, organic mulch-types, in particular, can effectively create an ecosystem for crickets and beetles who actually seek out and feed on weed seeds.
  • Conserve moisture – Did you know that mulching can retain up to 80% of added moisture in your soil? It’s true! Bark mulch works to conserve moisture by blocking the sun, which helps minimize evaporation.
  • Protect your plants – Bark mulch helps protect your plants by acting as insulation. This insulating effect helps to prevent the adverse effects of alternating freezes and thaws that can actually pull your plants out of the ground during the changing of the seasons.
  • Maintain soil temperature – Similarly to its capacity to conserve moisture, bark mulch also works to help keep the soil temperature stay cool by blocking out the sun.
  • Beautify your yard – Our bark mulch comes in an array of shapes, sizes, and colors, effortlessly adding a bit of liveliness to your landscape. Mulch also creates a bit of order to your yard, and can effectively make your flower beds, stepping stones, trees, and shrubs pop.
  • Improve topsoil – As bark mulch decomposes, it adds a layer of organic matter to the soil. This decomposition not only adds much-needed nutrients to the soil, but it also increases the prevalence of beneficial microorganisms while simultaneously combatting pathogens that promote various types of plant diseases.
  • Create a favorable environment – Bark mulch is specifically beneficial in creating a favorable environment for earthworms and soil microorganisms, which helps reduce soil compaction over time.

Some Tips from the Experts

Though it may seem like laying mulch is an easy job, there are some specific rules to follow to ensure you get the most out of your material. People in the area have become particular about relying on our team of seasoned landscapers to lay their mulch due to our flawless application process. With almost 20 years of experience under our belts, we understand the best methods for laying mulch, and we’ll let you in on some tricks of the trade:

  • Though bark mulch can technically be laid any time of the year, we strongly recommend waiting until mid-spring to have mulch put down on your property. Springtime is when the soil on your property will be adequately warmed, which creates a perfect environment for optimal plant growth. If applied earlier, the soil’s temperature may be too cold and delay plant growth.
  • Bark mulch should be applied two to four inches deep over relatively clean, weed-free soils. An adequate mulch level on the soil’s surface will allow the soil to soak up more water, and even reduce the rate of water loss from the soil.
  • You will want to ensure you water your soil deeply before applying mulch. Mulch significantly helps your soil retain water and replenish your plants. We never apply bark mulches to dry soil.
  • When selecting mulch, don’t hesitate to ask our professional landscapers about affordability, appearance, and simplicity of maintenance. We want to ensure we deliver you the best bark mulch for your specific needs, and we take pride in helping our customers find the perfect addition to their landscape.

Contact Ogden’s Go-To Bark Supplier Today!

When you’re looking for a range of landscaping materials in the Ogden, UT area, don’t hesitate to call on the seasoned team at Sandee’s Soil & Rock for mulch bark, sandtopsoil, and more! For 19 years we have been locals’ premier choice for concrete and landscaping solutions, and we look forward to helping you as well! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help enhance your property.

Landscape Material Delivery Services in Ogden, UT

Truck SizeLight MaterialHeavy Material
Truck Size1/2 Ton Short Bed 1500 or 150Light Material1.5 yardsHeavy Material1 yard
Truck Size1/2 Ton Long Bed 1500 or 150Light Material3 yardsHeavy Material1 yard
Truck Size3/4 Ton 2500 or 250Light Material3 yardsHeavy Material1.5 yards
Truck Size1 Ton 3500 or 350Light Material3 yardsHeavy Material2 yards

We now carry Rubber Mulch

Our Rubber Mulch Nuggets are the perfect loose-fill nugget groundcover for playgrounds and landscaping applications. Our nugget mulch, simply put is the safest playground surface on the market today with fall height ratings up to 14 feet. With a 12-year color guarantee your children will stay safe, and your yard will look great for years to come.

Why Rubber Mulch

  • Saves Time and money.
  • Provides maximum fall height protection and accessibility.
  • Supports clean and healthy play.
  • Improves Landscape appearance.
  • Helps prevent weeds and supports plant health.

Types of Rubber Mulch

Rubber Mulch comes in 5 colors (Blue, green, red, black, and brown). The mulch is sold in two different size bags, a small 1.5 cubic feet bag, and a large 75 cubic feet bag.

All Our Materials Are Measured by Cubic Yard

We Can Deliver to Your Home or Business