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Landscaping Rocks Can Add Color and Depth to Your Yard

There are many ways to beautify your garden, and adding decorative rocks is among the best. Sandee’s Soil & Rock provides a wide variety of landscaping rocks in Ogden, UT to help enhance the appeal of your yard quickly and easily. We have been working with homeowners and business owners in the region for almost two decades, helping them achieve their landscaping visions using a variety of methods and materials. We currently offer more than 40 products to help with your next project, and decorative rocks are among the most popular. For more information or guidance about how we can help you achieve your landscaping goals, call us today.

What is decorative rock?

Decorative rocks are natural stones that can add color, depth, and vibrance to your yard or garden in Ogden, UT to complement the plants, shrubs, or trees. Sandee’s Soil & Rock has a wide variety of landscaping rocks from which to choose, allowing you to create the perfect aesthetic for your home or business. We offer decorative rocks in different shades, sizes, and styles so that you can make your vision a reality. If you need help determining how or where to place them, our experts are up to the task. Most commonly, decorative rocks are used in gardens, walkways, parks, and irrigation channels.

What are the benefits of landscaping rocks?

The most noticeable benefit of landscaping rocks is their ability to instantly beautify your yard or garden. While your plants may be lush and your flowers colorful, the topsoil necessary to help them thrive may serve as a drab foundation. Decorative rocks can immediately remedy that perceived problem by adding style and flair. But their benefits are also practical. Decorative rocks reduce soil moisture, which facilitates better plant growth and minimizes erosion.

Does the decorative rock have to be replaced annually as bark does?

Unlike many landscaping materials, including bark, decorative rock is not prone to decomposition. Year in and year out, your decorative rocks can provide beauty and utility to your yard or garden. You may have to rearrange your decorative rocks or move them to add new or different plants, but you do not have to replace them yearly.

What is the difference between screened, minus, and washed rock?

Classifications for decorative rock sizes include screened, minus, or washed. Each term describes the amount of dirt that goes through the screening process and remains present in the finished product. Minus rock can contain up to 80% fines, which may make it appear like a pile of dirt rather than large chunks of rock. The Screened rock usually consists of 20%-40% fines. Washed rock is considered the purest.

How do you package or deliver decorative rock?

Sandee’s Soil & Rock aims to make all of your landscaping projects as easy and hassle-free as possible. Whether you want a small collection of decorative rocks to accent your yard’s aesthetic or need a large supply to line walkways around your property, we will bring it to you. While some of our signature decorative rocks – such as marble chips and river rocks – are easy to maneuver, our larger boulders can be burdensome. But we provide affordable, hassle-free deliveries to help minimize the physical stress of your landscaping project.

How much decorative rock do I need?

The team of experts at Sandee’s Rock & Soil will help you determine how much decorative rock you will need to complete your landscaping project. Typically, one yard of rock will cover 100 square feet of area to a depth of two inches. But that may not always be the case. We are happy to consult with you regarding your landscaping vision before estimating how much landscaping rock will be necessary to achieve it. You can also use our convenient materials calculator if you know the width, depth, and length of the area you are enhancing.

Contact Sandee’s Soil & Rock for Decorative Rocks Today

We know you take pride in the appearance of your yard or garden, but there may be an element missing if it merely has plants and shrubs. An easy upgrade to any landscaping area is the addition of decorative rocks. Sandee’s Soil & Rock is Ogden, UT’s leading supplier of landscaping rocks for homeowners and business owners in the area. Such products will beautify your yard while also serving as a low-maintenance, practical enhancement. Contact us today for a free quote.

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