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How to Accurately Measure for Landscape Materials

Tips to measure accurate landscape supplies in Ogden, UT

Calculating accurate measurements in your landscaping project is crucial to the outcome. With that much pressure, it can be difficult to know where to start. If you are looking at renovating or remodeling your front yard and need some assistance with measurements, you are not alone. At Sandee’s Soil & Rock, we provide high-quality landscaping materials to our community and the essential knowledge required to carry out your landscaping project. Our professional yard calculators in Ogden, UT, know the best way to ensure accurate measurements. No matter your goal, we offer the materials and information needed to get there.

Determine Surface Area

The first step is to determine the surface area of your landscaping space. Whether it’s your side yard, front yard, or a small area of your yard, you will want to get the surface area to ensure you get the right number of materials. How do you figure out the surface area? You are going to need to get the square footage of the area. First, measure the length and the width of the area. Then multiply the length times the width. The resulting number will be the square footage.

Determine Depth

Once you have the surface area calculations for your landscape needs, you’ll need to assess and calculate the depth. The depth will ultimately depend on the material you’re searching for. If you want to lay mulch, we recommend at least six inches deep to prevent weed growth. Two inches of material will suffice if you are laying rocks or shells. For more information or insight on how deep to measure for different materials, our experts will advise you.

Once you’ve estimated the depth, you can now calculate cubic yards. Most landscape materials and supplies are sold in cubic yards. While you don’t need to know how to figure cubic yards manually due to the technology of square feet to cubic yards calculators, it’s still beneficial to know the math behind the calculator. You will take the square footage (surface area) times the depth to discover how many cubic yards of material you need. Our materials calculator will help provide precise measurements and easy access to the information and materials you need.

Estimate Landscape Design That Has Curves

While curves and bends nearly always enhance landscape design, they can be difficult to calculate. Our team suggests using this method to estimate the material you will need for landscape curves.

  • Create a rectangular outline with tape measures or string. In this outline, there will be overhang areas and missing areas. The overhang is areas outside of the rectangle that will be landscaped. The missing areas are the parts in the rectangle that won’t be landscaped.
  • Ensure that the overhang and missing areas are equal in surface area. This can be measured or calculated using flexible items (blankets, tarps) to estimate the similarity of these areas.
  • Adjust your rectangular outline until the missing areas and overhang areas are equal.
  • Measure your rectangle for cubic yards.

While this method isn’t perfect, it should provide a simple way to estimate materials needed for landscape designs with curves. Suppose you want a more precise or accurate measurement rather than an estimate to measure your lawn. In that case, we recommend using a CAD program that will be able to calculate the exact measurement. While it often takes longer, it will provide a more accurate number.

Measuring Irregular Areas

While obtaining measurements is easy if the area or yard is a perfect square or rectangle, it becomes more difficult with triangle-shaped lawns or more complicated shapes. If you do not wish to account for small sections of the area, such as trees or flower beds, you can get the square footage of those areas and then subtract them from the final number. You’ll follow the same steps for triangle-shaped lawns but then divide them into two.

Contact Us to Create the Perfect Landscape

Accurate lawn measurements are essential to creating the perfect outdoor area. When you have correct measurements, your Landscape will more easily resemble the image or design you have in your mind. With our materials and volume calculators, you can create the perfect lawn for you and your family. We provide our community in Ogden, UT, and the surrounding areas with the following materials:

Contact our team at Sandee’s Soil & Rock, and we will provide you with the materials and information you need to create the perfect Outdoor living space.